• See the Mantas
    from a whole new perspective
  • With beautiful surroundings
  • The stunning colours
    of the underwater world

Snorkel Trips

We understand that diving isn't for everyone. Some people wish to experience the marine world from a different perspective. That's why we also offer a range of snorkelling packages.

Snorkel day trips

The snorkel day trips run the same as our dive trips, as we usually combine them. All sites we visit are suitable for snorkelling and each has its own exciting selection of marine life on offer.

Don't you see less snorkelling?

No, not necessarily. As divers we want everyone to experience things that way that we do. However, snorkelers see just as much as the divers do! Incredible stunning corals, schooling fish, sharks, turtles and of course, Manta Rays are just some of the things you can see whilst floating on top of the water. There is so much for people of all experience levels to see. Not only that but all snorkelers are accompanied by a guide who will be happy to point out some of the more unusual critters, as well as ensuring your safety!

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