• Through clean ups
  • Community engagement
  • We aim to protect
    and conserve the marine environment
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  • and support our community

Eco Friendly Resort

Scuba Junkie was set up and run by people who love and respect the underwater world. Through out the many years that Scuba Junkie has been running, conservation has remained at the very heart of the company. With the expansion into Indonesia, the opportunity came to be part of another community. With over 10 years of experience in conservation we understand that there is much to be done, but things must be approached delicately.

The Resort

The resort itself was built to be as eco-conscious as possible. With the main resort building standing away from the high tide line, and no rooms being built over the house reef, we aim to have as little impact on the coral reef as possible. Much of the wood used around the resort is reclaimed teak wood and was built using traditional methods.

We are lucky to have a recycling centre in Labuan Bajo, making it easy for us to ensure our waste is recycled. We send back our recycling twice a week, where it is taken to the centre and broken down. We also minimise our use of plastic by encouraging all guests to bring refillable bottles of water, and using bags for life for all of our shopping for the resort.

Responsible diving practices

One of the (many) reasons that the diving in the Komodo National Park is so famous is its incredible population of Manta Rays. These stunning and majestic animals are drawn to the area for many reasons. One of them being the abundance of cleaning stations. In each briefing for a 'Manta dive' we remind our divers of the importance of these cleaning stations, and why we must not swim over them and risk damaging them.

We are also strict in enforcing proper 'Manta Protocol'. Our divers are encouraged to relax, stop swimming and allow the Manta Rays to come to them. We do not encourage anyone to touch, chase or pester any marine life, especially not these curious and intelligent rays.

We also encourage and help our divers to dive in a way that has as little impact as possible on the stunning corals reefs. Buoyancy tips are given during dive briefings and no one is taken to a site that is beyond their capabilities. We support and work with the the MMF (Marine Megafauna Foundation) and often host them for their research activities.

Reef and beach cleans

We are extremely fortunate to see very little marine debris whist diving in the Komodo National Park. That said, we still have regular beach and reef cleans in the area. We work with Trash Hero and support the incredible work that they not only do in Komodo, but around all of South-East Asia.

Community Support

We also take regular steps to be involved with the community. We run regular English lessons and also teach staff and many from our neighbouring village about the negative effects of plastic.

SDI Warloka - The school nearby

Warloka is a small village that sits less than a kilometre away from Scuba Junkie Komodo Beach Resort. Much like many of the small villages scattered around Indonesia it is very basic with very few resources. Scuba Junkie recognises the important role that it must play in the community, and we will be supporting their school as much as possible.

We give presentations to the school on sharks, turtles and marine debris, and will be sponsoring their new library. To make a change in the world, the younger generations must be involved, so we hope that we can help them see the importance of the marine world, as well as aiding their education and allowing them to expand their horizons.

Internship Programmes

Over the past few years we have taken on several interns from Indonesia. Some came to us as Advanced divers, some came to us having never tried diving before - either way we are happy to support them in their new career choice. Not only do we teach them how to be great PADI Divemasters, but we also share with them our passion for conservation and protecting marine species. We run environmental weeks through out the year, and we ensure that all our staff are involved in this and learning about the importance of protecting marine species.

If you are from Indonesia and interested in our internship programme, please send us an email!

Trash Hero

Trash Hero is a volunteer movement that does weekly cleanups and reduces trash through education and greener solutions. By supporting Trash Hero we make a difference!

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